Last Trip to Singapore

Today I’m leaving before the crack of dawn for my last eye doctor follow-up. The eye seems fine, so I’m pretty sure this will go smoothly. A boat that parked next to us in the marina has a UK couple who are leaving at about the same time as us also for Cocos Keeling. They have a young man helping crew for them who is also headed for Singapore today to meet up with some friends. I offered to let him come with me so he could learn the ropes on how to catch the buses and trains and the process of immigration clearances.

We accomplished a lot over the weekend in our final preps for the boat. Karen did one more batch of laundry and has been working on tidying the boat. I’ve spent hours researching our route with Google Earth, charts, and tide programs to make sure I have the navigation data needed. Interestingly, right now there is a late Tropical Cyclone called “Jack” about 400 miles west of Cocos Keeling. This should be pretty much the last one of the season in that area.

Tomorrow will be a crazy day of final preparations. I need to dive and clean Tahina’s hulls. But, the water has been very unclear and yucky the last few days. I hope it changes in the next 24 hours. We are in a tidal river, so the conditions vary quite a bit. We also need to wash Tahina’s top sides, arrange for clearing out of Malaysia, top up the water, arrange to get diesel, put away the big awning, and half a dozen other smaller projects.

Meanwhile, Karen will need to make a last run to get our fresh veggie provisions and restock other recent consumables.

If all goes well, we will leave as early as Wednesday. But, no pressure to leave if we’re not ready.

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