New Maps for New Caledonia

For the past few days, with a bit more free time on my hands, I’ve been working on processing data from our older passages that never got completed. In the past, I’ve created maps for many of the countries we’ve visited (including GPS tracks, geo-tagged photos, marks to interesting places, and more). One of our favorite island country visits in 2011 was New Caledonia (links to related posts at the bottom below). We had a wonderful time there and the awesome scenery resulted in some nice photography. I’ve produced a map showing the majority of our tracks (there’s some road trips and hikes I haven’t finished yet) showing the various islands and places we visited. You can view the resulting map best (and see way more detail by zooming in) using Google Earth by following this link . Or, see the map below (click on the full-screen option in the upper right of the map):

This was a truly wonderful place to visit, and you can get a much better idea of the places we visited and what it was like through this map. In Google Earth you can tilt your view and see the mountains. But, if you want to read the story and explore the photos more traditionally, then check out this chronological list of most of the blog posts of our 2+-month visit to New Caledonia in 2011:

  1. Nice Sail to New Caledonia
  2. Lithium Ion Batteries for Boating
  3. Another Sister for Tahina
  4. First Photo Album of New Caledonia
  5. Boating Life: In a Port for Repairs
  6. Living a Marina Life
  7. Furling Day and More Photos
  8. Batteries on Board
  9. More Sights of Noumea
  10. Ilot Mato
  11. Iles des Pins
  12. Hiking to Nga Peak
  13. Nga Peak 360 Panorama
  14. A Brief Trip to Heaven
  15. Island Paradise of Ile Ua
  16. Briefly Back to Noumea
  17. Back to Ilot Mato
  18. Photos from Ilot Mato
  19. Up the River of Prony Bay
  20. Plans and Photos
  21. Visiting Prony Bay
  22. Non-cruising Mode
  23. Hiking in New Caledonia
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