Nice First Day

When we left yesterday, we had a small crowd there to see us off.  Crews of sv Callisto, Three Ships, and Apogee and two dock crew.  Michael of Callisto helped with the remaining washing, and with removing the window AC we had used for the last 20 months when in marinas. We left the AC for someone else to use.

After getting fuel and settling our bill we headed out to the river and stopped by sv Elizabeth Jane, at anchor,  to say goodbye.

Then we had a pleasant day of motoring on flat seas across the Singapore ship channel with only a few ships to dodge, then we made our way another 25 miles or so along the islands near Batam.  We made 50 miles for the day stopping at a pretty little island I had spotted in Google Earth called Palau Pandas.  We anchored there for a pleasant night at 0.7833,103.961.  We BBQd burgers and had fresh corn on the cob, and baked beans.  Yum!

At the crack of dawn we left and found ourselves sailing with some light winds.  Later we had a squall line cross us and our speeds shoot up to 9 knots for half an hour…in the right direction even!  We are taking every possible opportunity to sail to conserve fuel.

We expect to go two days or so to get to Belitung.

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