Preparations Continue

Not a lot of exciting news to report for the last week or so. We have been working diligently on the boat preparation project list. Many of the jobs are cleaning, organizing, buying provisions, and storing stuff away. We have also been working on many of the tasks mentioned the last time. And, we have been going to the gym (at least the Captain has been going regularly) three times a week to get in shape physically for the passage.

Karen is still working on the spray dodgers, and has made a lot of progress. But, still not done yet. She also has worked a lot on the food provision planning and purchasing.

All three engines (two main engines plus the generator) have had basic maintenance completed (oil changes, filters changes, belts adjusted, and all other basic systems checked or cleaned up). That was probably the biggest single job and took several hours over two days to complete. Almost all the work is completed on the outside such as stainless polishing, installing a new anchor rode for the dinghy, cleaning up the anchor well on the dinghy, etc.

Over the next week we’re making two trips to Singapore to buy items hard to find in Malaysia. This includes our trip to get quality meats for our freezer and some other western food-items which we normally find easily in the US, as well as some boat parts on the other trip. I also hope to find a shop selling Indonesia SIM cards so we can get our phones connected to Internet as we’re traveling through that country. If I have to, I’ll take the ferry over to Indonesia from Puteri.

In the final week before we depart, we’ll clean Tahina’s underwater hulls of any marine growth we’ve accumulated since arrival. I put plastic bags over the props when we first arrived, so am hoping they will be relatively clean. We also will get diesel fuel, fill our propane tank, take on water, and other basic departure tasks (like clearing out of Malaysia, paying for the marina, etc.).

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3 Responses to Preparations Continue

  1. Linda Moore says:

    Most important of all your To Do list is to follow your orders from the eye doctor!!! Boat chores and schedule are way down on the list…take care of yourself!

  2. Johan Moolman says:

    Hi Frank ,I have been following you for some time now , When visiting South Africa consider coming to Richards Bay as your first port ,we have a excellent yacht club ,big thing is that we are near some beautiful game reserves just north of us

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