Puteri Area 360 Panoramas

It has been months since I last took some 360 panoramas, and I realized I have done none in Malaysia. Since we’ve spent so much time in the Puteri Harbour Marina, I thought it would be appropriate do some in this area. The first panorama below shows the marina from the top of the Traders Hotel pool area. You can see the marina, the ferry terminal on the river, Singapore across the river, and the hotel pool area. Traders Hotel just opened in the summer of 2013. Directions: Hit the play button, then use your mouse, or the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around. Use the FULLSCREEN button to see the panorama full-sized for maximum effect.

Early this morning, I walked to Kota Iskandar – the home of the administrative offices for the state of Johor, Malaysia and huge land area including a parade ground in the middle. They have a lovely garden with lots of fountains and flowers, which we’ve visited many times, so I captured a panorama from the middle “bottom” of the garden.

Finally, I walked to the closest side of the huge parade grounds in the center of the complex. You can see stadium seats on the left, the huge oval street around the middle, in the center they sometimes have a huge fountain that shoots 40 meters into the air (not turned on today), and far right end are plaques telling the history of Johor.

Each of the 360s above were created using a digital DSLR camera with 10 to 12 photos around in a circle including up and down as well. They were then stitched using panorama software (PTGuiPro) and uploaded to 360Cities.

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