360 Panoramas at Cocos Islands

To give you a more immersive taste of what its like here in the Cocos Islands, I made sure to take some spherical 360 panoramas with my digital SLR and a fish-eye lens. You can look up, down, and all around. The first one, seen below, was taken on the beach at Direction Island in front of the favored shelter used by cruising yachties who visit the nearby anchorage. This beach is the most popular swimming spot at the Cocos, the ferry sometimes drops tourists and locals who come here for a swim. There are buoys for boats to tie up, and a swimming platform with a diving board. Make sure to click the FULLSCREEN option on your desktop for the more immersive experience.

Direction Island. Cocos (Keeling) in world

You can also see lots of driftwood signs attached to the nearby coconut trees which have the names of boats and the year they visited. The roof of the shelter collects rainwater that is trapped in a large cistern seen nearby. A young crewman from s/v Threeships, named Toby, is waiting on a swing under the shelter.

The second 360 was taken about .8 miles south at Prison Island. This beautiful little island sits bravely in The Rip between Home Island and Direction Island. It has beautiful white sand dotted with a few coconut trees. The island was once used to hold some non-swimming prisoners in the past (it’s only a 1/4 mile from Home Island in shallow, but strong current, water). Notice the beautiful turquoise waters to the west in the lagoon. Direction Island is to the north. A great place to visit on a sunny day.

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