Day Three for Rodrigues

We started into some lighter winds last night – which was a good thing. After 2.5 days of very topsy-turvy conditions, and loads of wind, it was a relief to have less wind and smoother seas. We even broke out the spinnaker at noon yesterday and used it until just before dawn this morning. A few hours later the winds really dropped and we soon had to start motoring so we can get through a spot of dead air caught between two systems north and south of us several hundred miles away.

By tonight, the trade winds should come back and we hope to be sailing the rest of the way to Rodrigues. We made 167 miles at the end of day 3. While in the nicer weather, we are mostly relaxing and have two fishing lines in the water hoping to catch some fresh fish for dinner. We have been making a couple minor repairs and are drying out the boat and things that got wet.

Don’t expect a blog post every day. The sailing gets a bit monotonous, and the blog posts would just get boring after a while.

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