Day Two for Rodrigues

We made 202 nautical miles in the first 24 hours. Our second day had us going at a very rapid pace as well. We continued to have 25-35 knots of wind all day long. Of course, we were only forecasted to have 15-20 knots, so it was a bit of a surprise. Although the apparent wind was just abaft of beam, the seas coming from the same direction made for an uncomfortable motion. Finally around 8 PM, the winds eased to 20-22 knots average. They also clocked slowly more and more towards the east. By midnight they were almost due east and Karen had to alter our course south to keep our speeds up without changing to a downwind sail configuration. Because of this, our speeds were about a knot slower than they had been. We are just short of 200 miles for the second day at about 199.

Still, not bad at all! We are expecting lighter winds today (Saturday). After sunset they have been averaging below 20 knots for the first time. We will probably raise the spinnaker soon. All is well on board. And, we got better sleep last night with the less turbulent seas.

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