Fish for Dinner and Weather Woes

At the end of what we hope is our last day of light winds, on Thursday, we were motoring in calmer seas and sunny skies. Mid-afternoon our fishing rod went WHEEEEE. Karen reduced the throttle on the engine (to slow our speeds) and I went to the reel to start pulling it in.

I could tell it was something big by the pull, and it went pretty far to starboard and port trying to find a way out. Once it was close, we could see it in the water and realized we had a fine looking Mahi Mahi. It turned out to be 43 inches in length and will feed us for several meals! A happy occasion, and dinner was great.

By sundown the winds started to pick up a little bit, so we put up the sails and started motor sailing. We soon had the motor off and were sailing at a modest 5-6 knots for most of the evening. That’s when things didn’t go as planned.

We were supposed to get 15-18 knots of wind over night from the southeast. Ideal conditions for our westerly course. Instead, at about 11 PM, the winds suddenly shot up to 20 knots. I noticed we had squalls on the radar, and sure enough, we were soon hit with rain. We quickly put double-reefs in the sails.

Then began a long series of squalls, wind shifts, sail changes, putting sails away, motoring, and repeat. I was up the rest of the night trying to find the winds we were supposed to have from the forecast, and constantly making course and sail changes (with help from Karen). Finally after dawn, at 7 AM Friday, I found the SE winds we were supposed to have. But, we can see more squalls around us, so who knows what the day is going to be like

I just hope to get some sleep. We still have a few days left before we arrive. The lighter wind days cost us lots of miles, so our optimistic 9 day schedule is out the window.

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  1. Isaac says:

    Congrats on Halfway! How was the Mahi Mahi? 🙂

    Thanks for your work over the years. Appreciate your blog, and your adventure.

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