Good Weather and Fun at Cocos

Deserted Island

Deserted Island

On Friday the weather finally got much better at Cocos Islands. The winds clocked a bit further to the east, and lessened. And the sun was out more consistently. The weather on the weekend was even better. So, we have been having a lot of fun outdoors.

The anchorage is starting to get more crowded now. On Thursday a small catamaran arrived with two French men. Turns out they didn’t follow proper procedures and did not get their visas before arriving, so are confined to the island apparently. On Friday our friends on s/v Threeships arrived. We had been in radio communication with them, so knew they were arriving. They got cleared in without any issues.

Friday morning, Chris of Gryphon 2 and I went to Home Island and organized getting several jerry jugs filled with diesel and topped off our gasoline supplies. In the afternoon, we took Karen and Lorraine to snorkel The Rip. Afterwards, we dinghied over to a beautiful little island called Prison Island. We can’t imagine they put some prisoners on here who could have easily swam a mile or so to the nearest bigger island, but they did that once in the past. Meanwhile, it is a beautiful island and we took some pictures.

On Saturday morning, crew from Tahina, Gryphon 2, and Threeships piled in Tahina’s larger dinghy and we drove to Home Island to get some provisions. In the afternoon I took Threeships to snorkel The Rip.

Saturday night, we decided to do a BBQ on the island. We gathered some wood and stoked up a fire and cooked our foods on a grill. We had a great time until well after eating. Fiona on Threeships was telling us a “scary” camp story when suddenly we had a rain squall. We were under a shelter, but the winds were blowing 30+ knots and we got a bit wet. Fortunately it only lasted 15 minutes or so, and then it quit and we all returned to our boats.

Sunday was an even more beautiful day. More snorkeling, picture-taking, and exploring on the island. Two more french cruising boats arrived in the morning. These two followed procedures and were cleared in a short while later. We now have 6 boats here! The interesting thing is that Tahina was the 2nd boat to arrive at Cocos in 2014. I guess the season has begun.

Gryphon 2 is planning to leave first thing on Monday morning. We plan to stay and enjoy the better weather a few more days. Here are a few photos from the last few days:

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