Kite Aerial Photos from Cocos Islands

Tahina from Kite

Tahina from Kite

With the weather improved last weekend, I decided to try putting my GoPro Hero 3 on my kite aerial photography remote control rig. I only had to coerce the provided mounting pieces a little bit to get it set up. Here is a photo with the camera only 20 meters above Tahina’s stern. You can see three of us in the cockpit looking at my Android tablet to see the camera’s view as we took the picture. The black things at the bottom are legs that are there to allow the camera rig to land safely (really not necessary from the boat – I wish I had taken them off). You also have a nice view of the pretty turquoise waters and Direction Island. For pictures of how the kite aerial rig is flown, see this post.

We also took some higher shots of the surrounding area and of course took video as well. A couple of the shots in the slideshow below are video captures. We don’t have enough bandwidth to upload the videos here. But, check out how beautiful the area is here from up high (make sure to click “full-sized”).

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For those of you wondering where we are, here is a map of our location:

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