Leaving for Rodrigues 2000 Miles Away

Today we are leaving for Rodrigues Island – the easternmost island of the country of Mauritius. It is almost 2000 miles from Cocos Island where we are now. It should take us between 9 and 12 days to get there. If we are lucky, we’ll go the faster time. The seas along this route can get a bit interesting due to influences from big weather in the lower/southern latitudes. Those seas tend to be from the south-south-west while we will be getting winds from the east or southeast (trade winds). This means two opposing swells. Fortunately, the bigger swells from the south will be long-distance which means they will be long and far apart.

We have plenty of food, water and fuel on board. We’ll use our radio or sat phone to periodically post our progress.

We cleared out of Cocos yesterday, and got fresh provisions. So we are pretty much set to leave once the tides are right. I’m really going to miss this place, especially since atolls like this are my favorite playground. Also leaving are our friends on s/v Threeships. We will communicate with them via radio as we go across.

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  1. llamajourney says:

    May you have a swift and pleasant journey!

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