Giggling Start Day 1 to Cocos

Had a great start leaving from the western end of Sunda Straight where we anchored near the Ujung Kulon National Park of Indonesia. Using a tide prediction program called Total Tide, we knew there would be favorable currents if we left near dawn. We had 1.6-1.8 knots of current at the start. Just as we got to the currents, the winds kicked up to 12-14 knots, so we raise sails. Karen had gone back to sleep, but I was giggling with delight when our speed over ground reached 10-11 knots for a short while when the winds and currents combined! It was a great way to start a passage.

During the course of the day, our winds were good at during the early morning, but later in the day they clocked to the east and lessened. Our speed dropped to 4-5 knots for a good part of the afternoon. Thankfully, in the evening they sped up and clocked southeast. We were making 7+ knots average until about 3 AM. Then the winds died off and clocked east again. We motor sailed a bit to keep the sails from flopping during the pre-dawn hours. Estimated first day distance: 150 out of 592 nautical miles.

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