Enjoying Rodrigues

Pot Luck Dinner

Pot Luck Dinner

We are enjoying our time in Rodrigues. The first few days were spent getting settled, getting SIM cards for our phones (for Internet), cleaning up the boat and making minor repairs, and finding out what we needed to know about the island. The cruisers at the wharf organized some pot luck dinners (everyone brings some food) near one of the commercial buildings on the wharf. It was a good way to get to know crews from the other eight boats here: s/v Threeships, s/v Gryphon 2, s/v Alibi, s/v Yovo, s/v Delwhinney, s/v Gimat, s/v Coroisk, and s/v Blue Heeler.

Karen and I rented a car one day and just drove some of the main roads to get a feel for the island. I really like the volcanic mountain ridges which provide many ideal locations for houses to have fabulous views of the ocean, the extensive reef around the island, and the fertile valleys surrounding everywhere. It was a good introduction to the island before we started more targeted tours.

We moved Tahina into the harbor because the wharf was getting a bit swelly, and because we just like the feel of being at anchor verses tied to a wharf. We are parked as close to the reef as we can so that when the bi-weekly supply ship arrives this weekend, we may not have to move. All the boats on the wharf will have to move.

Some of the boats that arrived before us have left for Mauritius already. And more are leaving in the coming days. We’ll probably stay a week to 10 days longer before making the 2+ day trip.

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