Grand Baie in Mauritius

Grand Baie Yacht Club

Grand Baie Yacht Club

After a few days at Port Louis – the port of entry in Mauritius, we moved Tahina 10 miles north to Grand Baie – which is a large protected anchorage. This is the preferred location for cruising sailors to keep their boat during their stay in Mauritius. The shoreline is dotted with beaches, beach bars, restaurants, and resorts. The Grand Baie Yacht Club welcomes foreign sailors with a free 2 month membership – which includes access to their showers, cafe, bar, and fuel dock. The picture here is from the yacht club cafe (it only shows a small part of the bay).

We have spent over a week at Grand Baie getting settled and learning what’s available to us during the next few weeks we are staying here. One of the highlights at Grand Baie is a new hyper-market/shopping center called “Super U” a half-mile away from the end of the bay. The supermarket portion is just like any large super market you would see in the US, with the addition of a nice selection of french-style bakery choices. So, we are all set on supermarket foods. We also have sampled some of the restaurants and found a nice happy-hour bar for inexpensive drinks at sunset.

Yesterday we took a bus and did some sightseeing inland. And today we are hiring a car to travel to the far end of the island to do more. I’ll post about the sightseeing later.

Here’s a map showing our location at Grand Baie. The map is interactive if you want to zoom in and see more.

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