Spherical Panorama of Port Mathurin

This morning I took a 360 Panorama from the top deck of Tahina overlooking the boat and showing the island of Rodrigues and Port Mathurin. Due south is the commercial dock where we were parked until yesterday. The town of Port Mathurin is the most populated part of the island, and is home to many shops, restaurants, and other businesses. You can also see the part of the reef surrounding the ship channel and port. You can see Tahina is parked pretty close to the reef. There are even larger reefs surrounding the entire island – especially the south part of the island.

Port Mathurin. Rodrigues in world

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4 Responses to Spherical Panorama of Port Mathurin

  1. Paul Gilster says:

    I don’t say often enough how much I appreciate the photography here, Frank, but this 360-degree shot is just spectacular blown up full-screen. Keep them coming as you explore these exotic locales! Never a dull moment from Tahina.

  2. Glenn Howland says:


    I do not comment often on your Blog, but the panorama from Rodrigues and Port Mathurin is my favorite so far.

    Thank you for all your efforts to share with us.


    • Frank Taylor says:

      Thanks Glenn…I always appreciate positive feedback on the 360s as they take the most time for me to process.

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