Tahina’s Sign Left at Cocos

The day before we left Cocos Keeling, I set about creating something to leave at Direction Island memorializing our visit. Cruisers have been leaving signs on driftwood, and other creative items, tacked on the trees or the shelter to show they had been here. The key elements are your boat name and the year you were at Cocos. I wanted to do something different.

I found a white spherical fishing buoy to create our “mark” at the Direction Island shelter. It occurred to me I could make a globe of planet Earth by hand drawing the continents and other geography onto the globe using lat/long coordinates I mapped onto the buoy (essentially making a 3D version of Google Earth). This ended up taking me over two hours. I then marked our location at Cocos and put “Tahina 2014” in red there. I also drew a blue line marking our track from North Carolina to Cocos. I also marked our starting point in 2009, and our URL. It was dark by the time I finished, but I took the dinghy and a flashlight and left our sign on one of the coconut trees. Here are a series of pictures showing the globe I created:

Tahina Globe

Tahina Globe

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