Underwater Photos from The Rip

The Rip

The Rip

Our favorite snorkeling spot in the Cocos Keeling Islands was right next to Direction Island in a narrow channel known as “The Rip”. The channel allowed waters from the windward side of the island group to enter the lagoon. The speeds at the surface seemed to be going at 4-5 knots at least. Despite this, you could easily snorkel across the fast part with fins in a minute and find yourself in slower currents above beautiful coral reefs with lots of fish.

The Rip is a marine protected area that allows no fishing or poaching of shells or coral. The fish here are not very shy of humans, and so you have the chance to observe grouper and other fish absent from most locations. They are attracted to the feeding possibilities brought by the currents. Frequently seen here are larger fish such as grouper, titan triggerfish, shark, napoleon wrasse, jacks, and sweetlips. And, the usual collection of smaller reef fish. One thing we did not see were any anemone or clownfish.

Although we previously shared a few underwater photos, I wanted to share a larger album of photos from The Rip. Make sure to click on the larger version below:

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  1. Kerry Mettert says:

    Beautiful place!

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