Faster Arrival Back to US Planned

Apparently some of you weren’t aware, that due to our extra year spent in Asia (because of the eye treatments in Singapore), it had a ripple effect on our plans to get home. We had changed our original 5.5 year trip to 6.5 years. We are spending this year getting across the Indian Ocean, and arriving to South Africa close to the end of the year (during their spring/summer). Then we were going to cross to South America and spend next year’s hurricane season with the boat at a marina (in Brazil) while we traveled over land to the many countries there. Then, during the winter months in the northern hemisphere we were going to make our way across the Caribbean and Bahamas and return in the summer of 2016.

During our lengthy time here in Mauritius, we have decided on a new plan. We’ve been longing to get back home and take a break from the travel, and we decided we can do the South America sightseeing later (with or without the boat). But, we still very much want to complete the circumnavigation. So, we are going to attempt to sail at a brisk pace from South Africa early next year and get back to the states before next year’s hurricane season in June. So, June 2015 instead of 2016.

We are excited by the prospect of getting back to the USA sooner, but we have a LOT of sailing to do between now and then (over 10,000 miles from Mauritius back to North Carolina). Things have to go very smoothly for us to get through the Caribbean before the hurricane season. These plans have a chance of being delayed due to circumstances beyond our control (like weather, boat issues, health, etc.). But, there’s a good chance we can make it happen.

Karen and I have not figured out what we will do after we finally get back to the States. We don’t know where we will live, what we will do (travel, start another business, buy a house, settle somewhere, or continue to live on the boat). We expect to initially head back to North Carolina (where we started) and spend some time reconnecting with family and friends. We hope the best ideas for the future will come to us between now and then.

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10 Responses to Faster Arrival Back to US Planned

  1. nanag says:

    I am excited about your earlier arrival. Hope you are planning on a flight home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I surely am glad you have had such a wonderful life experience, but wishing we could see you more often. Just take your time getting home during the hurricane season, and wait if you have to.

  2. Jessica Valeiko says:

    Hey Karen and Frank,

    It’s Jessi, I know we have lost touch this last couple of years here with all of your travels and the girls going on to college. But I’m glad to see your still at it, havin fun and enjoying the world. I would love to join you if at all possible before you hang it up and finish your big adventure. Take care and safe travels.

  3. Linda Moore says:

    After 3 seasons in the Med, we are heading back west. Sure hope that our paths will cross as we will be lingering after our Atlantic crossing and figuring out where to go next. What is your updated projected path?

  4. Paul Gilster says:

    Interesting! Lots of choices ahead when you get back, that’s for sure. Thanks for the update.

  5. R.A. Varney says:

    I’m actually kind of sad that you are approaching the end of your adventure sooner than planned.
    I have been following you since Venezuela and I will be sorry to see this adventure end.
    I do, however understand the desire for a settled time. Best wishes for the rest of your trip, I will be keeping track of your adventure.


  6. Wow, less than a year until Tahina is stateside! That’s going to fly. Now to decide where ‘home’ is… 😉

  7. Nathan says:

    Karen and Frank,

    Thank you for sharing your adventures with all of us. I have been following you since the beginning and have read almost every one of your posts. It’s been a great adventure…when you get back you should make it into a book to share with your friends and family!

    Wishing you continued safe travels


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