First Mauritius 360 Panorama

A couple of days ago, we joined up with our new friends on s/v Solace (Paul and Gina who are originally from New Zealand, but also are US citizens having worked and lived there for 20 years), and hired a car to see some sights around Mauritius. Our focus was to see some of the sights on the south end of the island. We visited a rum factory, a tea factory, a geological sight, a Hindu temple, and the Black River Gorges National Park. We stopped at the Gorges Viewpoint at the top of the ridge, which has a great view of the gorges, and I took a 360 panorama there. The view starts with the Gorge view. There was a couple embracing near the fence who showed no signs of leaving, so I took the picture anyway :-). You can see a waterfall on the cliff wall the to the east. Paul and Gina can be seen sitting in the picnic shelter to the south.

Here is the resulting panorama (Make sure to click on the FULLSCREEN button after you start it up):

Black Gorges Viewpoint in world

This 360 was taken with an SLR with a Sigma 8mm fisheye lens, and processed with PTGuiPro for stitching, and some other photo editing tools.

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  1. Paul Gilster says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for this shot.

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