Sightseeing in Mauritius

Finally getting around to processing the sightseeing we have done in Mauritius. We spent two days with Paul and Gina of s/v Solace visiting some of the main sightseeing destination of Mauritius, and I’ve been meaning to share the photos. Below is a summary of the sightseeing.

Sugar factory museum

Sugar factory museum

On the first day we went to Pomplemousses (a town) which is home for the Sugar Factory museum – L’Adventure du Sucre – an outstanding museum with lots of information about the history of Mauritius as well as about the sugar cane industry here. You could easily spend many hours here, so come prepared to spend some time. There’s a nice – but pricey – restaurant on the premises.

Water lilies

Giant water lilies

Next we went to the state-sponsored botanical gardens of Pomplemousses – the highlight here was the lilie pad ponds. They also have tortoises, deer, lots of interesting trees, and, of course, many flowers.

At Chamarel Falls

At Chamarel Falls

The next day, we took a car to visit the south part of the island around the Black River Gorges National Park. We started with the Chamarel waterfalls and the Seven Colors of Earth exhibit (a strange natural phenomena of exposed colorful geological Earth that has no growth due to metals in the soil), then we went to the Chamarel rum factory and did some rum tasting.

Next we drove through the Black River Gorges and I took a 360 panorama of the gorge overlook (see the post), then we went to Grand Bassin Road which is a hindu pilgrimage area to the Grand Bassin Temples. There are some huge hindu statues along the road.

Finally we went to the Bois Cherie tea factory. The factory wasn’t operational at the moment, but we went to the tea tasting restaurant they have at the top of the hills there with a stupendous view island. Because of limited time (they were closing soon), and it being late in the day, we forgot to take pictures!

Here is a full slideshow of various images of our visit here in Mauritius, including the sightseeing:

View full-sized with descriptions

Since the sightseeing tour, we have been mostly sitting idle on our boat in Grand Baie just dilly-dallying around and playing on our computers. We have had lots of time to wait here in Mauritius while we stage for our next move to Reunion – which we expect to make within the next 2 weeks or so. Our days recently have just been filled with going to the grocery store for fresh bakery items, eating out at restaurants, visiting with other boats, and planning future trips.

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