After the Tunnel Near Cilaos on Réunion Island

This is a full spherical 360 panorama taken just after we came out of the tunnel (which you can see behind you) on the way to Cilaos in Réunion. The drive on this road is one of the big attractions on the island because of the spectacular views like this, and because the road is famous for having over 400 turns (most of them some of the tightest hairpin turns in the world). Even this photo doesn’t do justice to how beautiful the view was here. Make sure you click on “FULLSCREEN” after you hit the play button to get the maximum benefit of this high resolution image, zoom in to see even more.

Near Tunnel on Way to Cilaos Reunion in reunion

We ran into another sailor friend of ours also gawking at the view. We didn’t even know he had sailed here as well, because his boat is docked on another part of the island. What a small world! If you ever come to Reunion, don’t miss the drive to see the cirques of Cilaos, have a meal at the nice restaurants there, and take a hike for more awesome views.

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