Mother and Baby Whale Breaching in Madagascar

The following short (4 minute) video was taken as we were arriving on our sailboat Tahina at Sainte Marie, and island off the north east coast of Madagascar, on August 11th of 2014. We had just spent two days sailing from Reunion when we started spotting lots of whales shortly after sunrise. But, this encounter of a calf and its mother breaching several times as we sailed past just 50 meters away was really amazing! My only regret was I only had my GoPro Hero video camera handy, which has a very wide-angle, so I had to zoom in on the video to give you a better view of the whales. I decided to go with my rather enthusiastic voice recorded during the filming rather than putting music for the audio. I think you can tell I was pretty excited.

The map below shows the approximate location where we had this amazing experience:

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  1. llamajourney says:

    Wow. They look like they’re having fun.

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