Reunion is Beautiful But Dirty

When we first arrived at Le Port, Reunion, we were parked close to the boatyard on the wharf. Some boats were sanding their hulls, and we noticed our boat was getting dirtier by the day. A week later, an opening on the wharf closer to the fuel dock enabled us to escape the boat yard. And I rinsed down the boat decks thoroughly.

Unfortunately, just three days later I noticed more dirt. So, I rinsed again. But, before I was even done, I noticed more dirt. It was just falling out of the sky! It suddenly occurred to me that maybe that active volcano I tried to climb the other day, on the other side of the island, was actually spewing ash. Apparently on some days or nights, the wind is such that the ash falls more strongly. Oh joy. At least it isn’t the super fine ash we got at Montseratt and Mt. Yasur (the other two volcanoes who dumped ash on our boat).

By the way, speaking of the failed volcano climb, remember how I said things got wet? Well, because it was such lousy weather, I completely forgot I had put my dSLR camera in the backpack. I went to take it out two days later and found out the camera won’t turn on. Bummer.

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  1. wil says:

    I hope you already thought of this, but in case you hadn’t … immerse your camera, lens installed that was on it when it rained, into a 10 kilo bag of rice (or larger, if 10kg isn’t enough to cover with at least an inch all the way around your ailing camera) for at least twice as long as it has been since getting wet. New, or freshly charged batteries and hen see if it comes back.

    Good luck!

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