Now in South Africa (Almost)

After 7 days and 7 hours, we arrived safely to Richards Bay, South Africa. We are just awaiting customs clearance before we can go ashore and make arrangements for Internet and get settled in a marina here. We only had one gear failure on the way, which was resolved on the first day before we left shore. We had some weather, but nothing unusually intense. We hove to (stopped) for a few hours to wait for weather to settle ahead of us and to get some extra sleep. We motored for only about 16 hours total on the entire trip (mostly to maintain speed to catch the next wind patterns. We had a wonderful last day making an average of 9.5 knots while riding the Alghulas Current for over 200 miles into Richards Bay.

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4 Responses to Now in South Africa (Almost)

  1. Hugh says:

    Averaging 9.5 knots must be nice. We’ve had 200 mile days before, but they were in our car. Have fun in SA and getting ready for that next looong leg.

    • Frank Taylor says:

      LOL Hugh…I actually was hoping for even faster! But, we only had 2.5 knots of current at best, and sometimes it was down to less than 1 knot. So, we just had to rely on good old catamaran sailing to keep the speed up! 🙂

  2. Jannie Lubbe says:

    Welkom to my Country, i’ve been following you from almost the start of your journey. Would have loved it to come arround and say “HI” but i’m a bit landlocked. What are your plans around sightseeing in SA?

    • Frank Taylor says:

      Thank you. We are planning to do some sightseeing based in Richards Bay for a few weeks. Then make our way around to the Cape Town area by the end of the year.

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