Panoramas from Nosy Hara

To give you a more immersive impression of the cliff-tops of Nosy Hara, I took three spherical 360 panoramas while we were there. The climbs up to the cliff top is actually not that laborious, but it is stressful due to the large number of razor-sharp rocks. One tiny slip, just a brush of skin, and you end up with a bleeding laceration. Believe me, we had it happen. If you slipped and fell on some spots, you would be punctured in multiple locations and likely die! The limestone rocks are constantly eroded by wind and rain, and they are brittle. So, they end up in many locations with knife-like edges. The views from the top are quite interesting though, and worth the risk as long as you are careful.

The first day we arrived late in the day, and the two rangers took my friend Gina (from another boat called s/v Solace) and I up a set of cliffs. We had intended to get to a spot where we could see our boats, but the french-speaking young men didn’t understand our instructions. We still enjoyed the view at this first location south of the beach entrance to the park.

Nosy Hara Clifftops South

The next panorama was taken the next day north east of the beach area, from part way up the cliffs. This had the best view of the beach, coral in the bay, and Tahina out at anchor.

Nosy Hara mid-Cliff overlook

The final panorama was taken from near the tops of the cliffs. This involved the most challenging rocks (i.e. very sharp ones), but we managed to get this far. The view allowed us to also see the yacht Solace at anchor which is just to the left of due north in the distance. The landscape really appeared alien-like to us when we first got up there.

Nosy Hara clifftops

Hope you enjoyed the 360s! For more pictures of Nosy Hara, view the previous post.

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