Snorkeling Nosy Hara

Nosy Hara snorkel

Nosy Hara snorkel

Many of our sailing friends following our trip to Madagascar will be curious to know what the diving/snorkeling is like here. Based on my first snorkel – at Nosy Hara – I can say it is definitely worth the time. The water was a little silty when we first arrived, but this was due to high winds we had been experiencing all day. In the morning, the water was very clear with visibility at least 30 meters. Nice coral and the usual variety of coral fish. Other reports of diving and snorkeling here have been quite good.

As soon as I slipped off the dinghy into the water the first time, I spotted a sea turtle. We have seen many sea turtles around our boat at almost every anchorage around Madagascar. The coral was a good healthy and colorful variety with both hard and soft coral, and I even found an anemone with one lone clown fish (but, there must be more). There were a nice variety of clams including large ones of almost giant clam size. And, finally I spotted a blue-spotted stingray hiding in the shadows under a coral.

Check out the album for a good taste of what was seen:

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Location of the snorkeling was here:

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