Moramba Bay

Solace sailing at sunset

Solace sailing at sunset

In our last post, we talked about our sailing in late in the day to Moramba Bay. This is a beautiful place with lots of little islands in a big beach-lined bay. We had read there are lemurs near here, so we intended to explore the next day. I mentioned s/v Solace arrived right at sunset, but I forgot to mention that while we were watching they sailed right in front of the setting sun. I got several great shots including this one! There are more great pictures of Moramba Bay in the photo album at the bottom of the post.

Baobab trees

Baobab trees

Since we were in a hurry to get along the coast, because of a weather window for us to leave Madagascar in two or three days, we only dedicated the next morning to explore Moramba Bay. After breakfast, Solace and Tahina went ashore in our dinghy to the nearby island with a big white sand beach. We immediately noticed a huge pair of baobab trees – these are the iconic trees of Madagascar and they are often depicted as pairs like this in paintings and photos. Very beautiful!

At low tide

At low tide – source

There was a lot of birds on the island. I managed to snap a photo of an eagle as it shot out of the trees off the beach we were walking on. We next jumped back in the dinghy and started driving around the little islands. More baobab trees could be seen on several of the bigger islands. We didn’t know it at the time, because we were there at high tide, but some of the little islands are precariously perched on a small base. This photo was found on Panoramio.

Sifaka lemur

Sifaka lemur

While we were driving around on the dinghy, we saw several fish and a couple of rays. We then spotted a habitation on one of the bigger beaches, and went to investigate. We found what looked like a small resort hotel and went to that beach. A man came out of one of the houses and we asked him about lemurs. He took us around the property and found some lemurs in two sets of trees. One of the lemurs was a mom with a baby clinging to her. These were sifaka lemurs and are noted for their tan and brown colors with yellowish/orange eyes. Definitely check out the photo album below for more pictures of the lemurs!

Our guide also showed us their little resort hotel which was very rustic. They had solar powered LED lights, but not much else for electricity. But, the location is fantastic. More baobab trees were around. We liked how they had used old dug-out canoes and made landscaped flower arrangements and a bench seat under the trees out of them.

We took more pictures of the area, and then it was time to go. Karen got a picture of us pulling the dinghy out. We had joked with the guide about not having cold beers because of the lack of electricity. So, I went back to our boat and brought him an ice cold beer as a reward. He laughed and thanked me for the cold beer. He asked where I was from, so I said “USA” and he said “New York New York!” with a big thumb up, the beer, and a big smile. I wish I had my camera. 🙂

Here is the photo album which shows you how beautiful and unique this place was. We had a great time for just the few hours we spent there.

View with subtitles and maps

You can see where we anchored and the little islands we visited in the Google Maps view below. The first beach is just to the east, and the bigger beach with the resort is to the north-north-east on the peninsula:

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