Nosy Iranja Beach 360 Panorama

Iranja from anchor

Iranja from anchor

Back in early October we mentioned we had stopped at an island for lunch that had one of the best beaches we have visited in the world. The island is called Nosy Iranja in Madagascar and has an ultra-white sand spit beach between two vegetation covered parts of the island. The bigger part has a small back-packer style resort with a small bar/cafe and local who bring souvenirs to sell on the beach every day. The side where we anchored our sailing yachts had very beautiful turquoise waters at low tide, and several small boats anchored off the beach had brought tourists from Nosy Be and other areas. On the other side of the beach was shallower water and a rocky islet that looked like a shipwreck from the distance. From the beach you looked out at the ultra clear ocean blue waters with a light breeze, clouds dotting the horizon and deep blue skies. It was heaven!

I had to take lots of pictures (some seen in the link above), and I took some 360 panoramas as well. Below is the first 360 I took and it captures the expanse of the beach and views pretty well. Click on the “expand” (four arrows pointing out) button in the upper right to get full-screen mode.

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