Way too busy

We are getting down to the final week of work on Tahina in the boatyard. Things have been really crazy this week. Actually, the boatyard wasn’t the biggest distraction. The boat parts (and other things) we had shipped from the US 2 weeks ago was being held up by FedEx for stupid reasons. I may go into the full tale in a later post, but suffice it to say FedEx gave me hell for a week (after it was already here in South Africa) on a package I paid a substantial amount of money for them to deliver. Because the package was “yacht goods” for a “yacht in transit” no VAT or import was necessary. And, because the package was a small parcel, no clearing agent was required. But, a guy at FedEx insisted I had to hire one. At this point we reached an impasse for days. And there were major mix ups. After I elevated the issues up to higher levels (the manager of the manager at the national office) I finally got someone who listened, and immediately addressed the problem and made the people who were harassing me apologize. Still, I won’t be trusting FedEx to deliver a package to me internationally again any time soon. Still, I got the package in less than 24 hours after the manager took over.

We now have the parts needed to finish some of the jobs on the boat, and we should be going back in the water by early next week. The team we hired has almost completed all of the tasks that must be done before we go back in the water. They should be done by Friday for sure. There will still be some jobs the team will need to finish next week after we’re back in the water. I plan to do a post later that tells you more about the stuff we got done in the month+ we have been working.

Karen and I also now both have our birthday presents as well (Karen has a new camera, and I have a new pair of binoculars). And, I also have the new camera to replace the one lost to rain in Reunion. So, now we’re really anxious to go back out to a game park again and take even more pictures!

We are trying to decide whether to stay here in Richards Bay a bit longer, or leave soon for Cape Town. A decision on that will have to be made by next week. Meanwhile, more boats we know have arrived. Our friends on s/v Kilkea II and s/v Solar Planet arrived yesterday. We had dinner with Kilkea last night and celebrated their having crossed the same Longitude the long way (a technical circumnavigation even though it was at another latitude). And more boats we know are on their way.

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  1. happy birthdays to you and Karen! Camera and binoculars… does visiting game parks have anything to do with these selections? Suddenly thinking we should get an extra pair (our four) since our single pair of boat binocs may be in high demand for animal spotting next year!

  2. Per Christensen says:

    Hej to you Karen and Frank

    Just to inform you to what happening in Cape Town the next weeks.
    Volvo race around the world


    on this website there now is a link to webcam of the harbor in cape town try this..

    Good trip to you
    Per Christensen
    Norrtälje Sveden

  3. Frank Taylor says:

    Thanks @Behan! Yes, the game parks caused us both to want to upgrade our photography capability. I moved up a grade on my new dSLR, and Karen got a more compact camera, but one with a very high-range zoom lens.

    I don’t think you need binocs for every person. In fact, the game parks are so great because often you find yourself in VERY close encounters where you are more likely to need a wide-angle lens – and are probably wiser to just use your eyes and be prepared to get out of there! 🙂

  4. Paul Oriente says:

    Frank and Karen,
    I’ve followed your incredible journey for over a year now. Wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed it. It’s allowed me to experience my dream of cruising without boarding a vessel. I also suffered an eye injury and have researched having a corneal transplant. Thank you so much for sharing Frank. Haven’t decided on the surgery yet but, your updates has given me some great info. Really took for granted the gift of clear vision.
    Thank you again. Cheers and happy cruising!


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