Flying home for Thanksgiving

Rhino mother and baby

Rhino mother and baby

As mentioned last week, we booked our flights and today we are departing South Africa to head home to the US. We are so excited for the opportunity to see some of our friends and family. We wish we had time to do a proper visit with everyone, but that will have to wait until after we return with the boat to the US next summer. We need to return to South Africa right after Thanksgiving, so we can move Tahina to Cape Town before our daughters start arriving to visit us here and go to the game parks. We have a bunch of new photos to share soon from our second game park tour, this rhino is just a sample. I’ve also put up more animals from our first trip which you can see in the album below.

Meanwhile, our friends on other yachts visiting here in Richards Bay have been helping us recuperate from our stressful time with the boatyard experience here. We have been enjoying many nights out for dinner and drinks. The time has also been spent getting Tahina situated and properly stored for our trip. Tahina is pretty much ready to go when we return. We might get a few liters of fuel before we leave, and will need to put some equipment back out on the deck, but we’ll be ready to leave within a day upon our return (if the weather allows).

Here is the expanded album (79 photos) of animals from our first Africa game parks trip:

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