Post Boatyard Plans

After the boat was in the water, and our important tests on repairs worked, we had a few days of putting our belongings back where they needed to be and a few unfinished tasks for the workers to complete.

Meanwhile, Karen and I took a day off and went on another game park visit and finally got to use our new cameras! I’ll try and process those photos soon, but we are happy with how the cameras worked. We also got to see some new animals, but just barely missed seeing a leopard (a car in front of us saw it and it walked out of view just seconds before we got there). New ones we saw included: a secretary bird (national bird of South Africa), African wild dogs (which are really surprisingly awesome and endangered), close-up encounters with giraffe, and a much larger herd of cape buffalo. We also saw plenty of the other usual animals like impala, elephants, rhinoceros, warthogs, and a huge variety of birds.

The big question after we finished with the boatyard was whether we would try to rush for Cape Town, or stay a bit longer in Richards Bay. We kind of wanted to get the boat moving, but the weather the next seven days was not good for passages. Our original plan had been to try and fly home to the US for Thanksgiving if the yard work got done soon enough. Although it presents a timing risk if we have bad weather after our return, we decided to go ahead and go for it.

So, we’re going to be home for Thanksgiving!

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  1. nanag says:

    You can’t imagine how happy this makes you family here.

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