360 Panoramas of The Heads at Knysna

During our visit on Monday, I took two 360 panoramas while at The Heads located in Knysna, South Africa. This dramatic entrance from the ocean to a safe harbor up a river is through two large rock cliff rocks with lots of hazards to the unwary boater trying to pass. In the first 360, I was standing next to the first of two important navigation markers which the navigator uses to line up to the proper approach. We used these markers ourselves just a day earlier when we came through the entrance on Tahina. You can also see to the east of this position a red canvas pyramid-shaped roof which is home to the East Heads Cafe where we had lunch just minutes before the photos were taken. The west side of The Heads (across the water) was enshrouded in some fog making for an interesting effect over the cliffs. Make sure to click on the “Full Screen” option to see these 360 panoramas in all their glory. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard or the mouse to move your view around.

The Heads at Knysna Nav Marker

The second 360 panorama was taken a hundred or so meters closer to the entrance to seaward. I was standing on some rocks (which you can see by looking down) at the end of a nice path leading to the rocky edge before the waters of the pass. You can see the way we came in through the pass, which sometimes has breaking waves coming through if you don’t time your pass when the swells are down and when the tide is coming in instead of clashing outward with the waves.

The Heads at Knysna

And, here is a really nice view of the pass at the Heads of Knysna – I forgot to publish this 360 until September 2020.

The Heads Knysna with draped clouds

Hope you enjoy these photos half as much as I do taking and processing them.

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