Back at the Boat and Prepared for Departure

Our flight to South Africa went smoothly. Too smoothly apparently. We could not arrive soon enough for the evening flight to Richards Bay, so we had already booked a hotel in Johannesburg for a night to catch the next afternoon flight. Everything went fine until we went to the gate for the short flight to Richards Bay, and there was a 30 minute delay. Which then stretched to an hour, then another hour, and so on. To make a long story shorter, there were even more delays until finally we left after 6:30 PM (the flight was scheduled to depart at 2:30 PM). We had a smooth flight and arrived by 7:45PM in Richards Bay.

We got a rental car and got to the boat by 8:30. Then proceeded to lug our 4 big bags plus carry-ons to Tahina. The boat was fine and our fridges were cold, so no problems with food this time. I checked the weather one more time, and we decided we would try to get the boat ready for departure on Tuesday.

First thing Tuesday morning I started on a prepared-checklist to get the boat ready. We had to make a trip to town to get prescription medications filled, which fortunately went very smoothly. The medicines were even cheaper than in Malaysia, and we were able to get a 6 month supply. Then I got the paperwork required for clearing out of Richards Bay for Cape Town, and filled it out. I had to run around town to 3 official’s offices (immigration, customs, and the police) to get forms turned in, stamped, and signed. Then back to the yacht club where they confirmed we had paid our bills and I paid them for our marina fees. Then they filed our paperwork with the port officials and confirmed we could leave as soon as 5PM. We also did a provision run and I returned the car we rented at the close of the day. I also did some final boat preparations as well.

After all the work though, we decided to wait to depart until first light on Wednesday. Karen needed more rest (she is recovering from the flu she got at the beginning of our trip), and I had a busy day as well. We’ll both be better prepped in the morning.

We have a weather window that could take us all the way to Cape Town. There’s a brief 24-hour weather change which we think we can push through, but otherwise the weather looks good. We’ll stop if the weather dictates in one of several possible stops along the way. But, otherwise we should be able to report in a couple of times during the 5 or so days we expect to take to get there.

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