Happy Holidays from South Africa

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

We wish all of our friends and family – both in the US, and our cruising friends all over the world – very happy holidays and a fantastic year ahead in 2015! Tahina will be moving early next year across the Atlantic and, after waiting in the Caribbean a couple of months (for warmer weather in the US), we will end up back in the continental US before hurricane season. This will end this “expedition” and our circumnavigation of our grand planet. But, we won’t be selling Tahina yet because we are still deciding what we want to do next.

This year we are in South Africa for the holidays. We went home to the US for Thanksgiving this year for some much-needed reconnections with friends and family. But, we have both our daughters visiting us here in South Africa so we can share with them the experiences of going to some game parks and seeing African animals up close.

Trisha will be with us during the Christmas/New Year break, but our other daughter Ren couldn’t get off work until mid-January. So, we’ll be getting separate visits from the two of them. Trisha is on her way now, and we’ll be picking her up at the airport later today! So excited! We’ll be spending Christmas in a big game park with Trisha – who especially loves animals. Then we will be doing a grand tour of South Africa (and more game parks) over the course of the next several days ending up back in Cape Town and on the boat.

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3 Responses to Happy Holidays from South Africa

  1. Timothy Connolly says:

    HI Frank,

    I’ve continued to follow your travels. Just amazing. Hope you and your family have a peaceful holiday and that 2015 brings wonderful new adventures as you close out the expedition.

    All the best,

    Tim Connolly
    St Pete, FL

  2. Wilson says:

    Frank, Karen & twins,

    It is wonderful hearing about your progress and the reunion underway in Cape Town. You guys are an inspiration to many.

    The Walch clan wishes you a most excellent Christmas.

    Best regards,

    Gillian – HS Senior
    Riley – Missionary in New Mexico
    Lindsay – back from mission in Bulgaria and recently married to Willem
    Martha – married to Collin and recent mother to our first grandchild
    Collin – Growing to be a wonderful father and husband
    Elizabeth – figuring out what to do with her husband when the last child leaves home
    Wilson – happy to be alive and associated with all of the above

  3. Tim Whalen says:

    All the Vavatarians are thinking of you and wishing you a happy and successful new year of adventure.


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