Lions Head 360 Panoramas

As was mentioned in the previous post, I took three 360 panoramas during our climb to the top of Lions Head the other day. Viewing these panoramas is the closest thing to actually being there without going. Truly spectacular views overlooking the Cape Town area and Lions Head is nearly as high as Table Mountain, but closer to the coast. The hike up is a steady climb until you get to the steep sides of the peak. Then we ended up doing some actual scrambling up steep rocks, but the park service has provided some ladders, and chains and metal handles planted in the rock. This only lasts for a short while, and then you must climb up the narrow ridge over many rocks to get to the top. The first panorama here shows what its like on this ridge before you get to the top. A fabulous view of Table Mountain (you can see the building at the top of the cable car ride), a great look at the rugged coastline and the Atlantic Ocean, and a glimpse of Cape Town. Make sure to click the full screen option to view these panoramas at their highest resolution.

High on Ridge of Lions Head

The next panorama is taken from the highest point at the top of Lions Head. I was standing on a small cylindrical rock about 6 feet tall at the highest point. Awesome views!

Top of Lions Head

The next panorama was taken from the top of a small rock which is literally on the edge of the steep cliff overlooking the north side of Lions Head. You can see the resort area of Sea View below, Robben Island (which has the prison where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated), Signal Hill the smaller mountain below, and a bit of Cape Town from here.

Lions Head Top on West Edge

The final panorama was taken earlier in the day while driving up Chapman’s Drive to Hout Bay. There is an excellent overlook just off the road which gives you a great view of Hout Bay to the north, The Sentinels (rocky mountains just to the west of Hout Bay), and the very rugged coastline below. This panorama was taken from the top of the hill near the overlook standing on a wall.

Chapmans Drive Overlook of Hout Bay

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