Crocodiles in Africa

Crocodile meal

Crocodile meal

The amount of photos we have to process for our 10 day tour of South Africa with our daughter has been overwhelming. This first sample of photos shows one event we witnessed while in a “hide” (a safe fenced in hut) on the edge of a river in Kruger National Park. One of the few opportunities we had to be out of a vehicle observing. We had been watching birds and hippos close to us. I decided to look further up river with a zoom lens on my camera and spotted some crocodile heads just barely visible (like sticks in the water). While looking, one of the crocodiles suddenly had a flurry of motion and I started taking pictures. He had caught a huge cat fish! Several other crocodiles moved towards him hoping for a bite, but he turned away from them and started gulping the whole thing down. He was a large crocodile – probably close to 3 meters (9 feet). The other guys were smaller.

Here are five zoomed in pictures showing the event. It was over 1 km away.

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