Arrived at St Helena

After 7.5 days of sailing, and 1300+ nautical miles since Luderitz, we arrived at St. Helena this morning at the crack of dawn. We had lighter winds overnight, which turned out to be a good thing allowing us to easily time our arrival so we could see the other boats at the moorings and find an open one. We had another >200 nautical mile day a couple of days ago, which really helped us close up the miles. The winds had been higher than forecasted for those 24 hours, so it was actually a surprise. In fact, the winds were so high we were feeling a bit uncomfortable with the spinnaker flying. It is extremely difficult to get the sail down with just the two of us when the winds get above 20 knots. Fortunately, we had a brief period where it got down to 18 knots, so we got it down. Boy, we sure go fast when it has the right conditions like this though! We will report back in a couple of days once we get settled in at St. Helena.

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  1. Paul Gilster says:

    Amazed at how fast you got there!

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