Departing St Helena for Longest Passage

We have been busy the last few days at St. Helena preparing for our departure. We plan to go straight from here to Trinidad in the Caribbean, and our route has us going over 3700 nautical miles. This will be the longest passage we have done without stopping if all goes to plan. We have several possible stops if something happens requiring us to divert – especially along the northern coast of South America. Our route planner says we can make this in 21 days given normal prevailing winds. Of course, the weather we get could be better or worse (in terms of wind speed) than the average. Which could mean a shorter or longer run numbering a few days.

We are leaving tomorrow with another catamaran – s/v Sanctuary – and intend to maintain radio contact. Their boat has similar sailing characteristics, so we may actually stay within a hundred miles or two along this passage. That’s close enough to be called a “buddy boat” for a passage of this size.

Today we are making our final run for provisions, picking up some scuba tanks I had filled, and clearing out of St. Helena through customs, immigration, and the harbor master. Then we plan to leave first thing tomorrow morning. We have plenty of provisions which could last us 30 days or more if needed.

We will not be blogging on a regular basis since you won’t want to hear “another day of sailing” every day. I expect we’ll at least do one every week or so. Rest assured, we will be in contact with several people who are our emergency contacts, with our buddy boat, and several other boats by radio along the way. All will be able to help if needed.

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6 Responses to Departing St Helena for Longest Passage

  1. Timothy Connolly says:

    God’s speed Frank! I continue to enjoy your updates. What an amazing journey.

    Tim Connolly
    St Pete, FL

  2. Jan Warm says:

    May you have a safe and easy sail on this leg of the journey, Karen and Frank! Enjoy the ride! 🙂

  3. LindaMoore says:

    We will be thinking about you and looking forward to your occasional updates. Do you have a SPOT tracker so that we can follow your progress? Will you be checking in with anyone via SSB, or sat phone? 21 days of nothing but sea and sky is a very long passage….our memory of such is very recent, and we appreciate what you are about to undertake. Hope someone special will be in Trinidad to catch your dock lines!
    s/v Wild Goose

  4. Paul Gilster says:

    That’s a long haul! Hope it proves enjoyable, Frank. Gives you plenty of time to think about pulling all this together into a book.

  5. llamajourney says:

    May it be smooth and not jarring. Godspeed.

  6. Paul Oriente says:

    Enjoy the trip Karen and Frank! We’ll be looking forward to the updates while you’re sailing this long leg.Praying for smooth seas and perfect winds.

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