Good Start to St. Helena

We left Luderitz mid-afternoon on Monday with St. Helena over 1300 nautical miles away. There was a little coastal wind at the start, but it soon died off as predicted. We were waiting for a weather trough to die out and then winds were supposed to fill in. Well, we ended up just drifting for a while, then a light 5 knot breeze blew in. We were making 1.5-2 knots with that, and a couple of hours later we got 8 knots of breeze making 4knots. The forecast was wrong, and we didn’t get the 15-20 knots of breeze until 2 AM. In the 24-hours after 7AM Tuesday, we had much better sailing. We made 220 nautical miles – an average over 9 knots! We just wish the nice winds had not been accompanied with sloppy seas making the ride bouncy to put it mildly. After midnight Tuesday though, the seas settled a bit so the night wasn’t too bad. It’s mid-morning Wednesday and we have just a bit over 1000 nm to go. We should get there by mid-next week for sure, hopefully sooner.

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