Tahina Map Update

I’ve updated our route map to reflect our current position in Martinique. The map now shows the green track which shows our circumnavigation up to March 18, 2015. And I am now showing the trip home track in yellow. If you zoom in on Tahina’s position (sailboat icon) you will see our spot in the busy anchorage of Le Marin, Martinique. You can also see not only our route from Grenada to Martinique, but our trip last week down to the Pitons in St. Lucia.

We had a great time last week with our friends from Raleigh visiting (more on that in a post soon). We left on Friday to sail over to Martinique because I was expecting to meet with a mechanic I had been in communication with to repair a part on our hydraulic steering. Unfortunately, the guy wasn’t there on Friday afternoon. So, we a few days delay. We spent some time making some minor repairs with parts Andy had brought for us.

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