Water Island

As mentioned before, we left Charlotte Amalie last week to join up with our Raleigh friends on the boat s/v Wild Goose. We first met Hugh and Linda about 4 years ago when they were in the final stages of preparing to depart on their first sailing adventures. They spent the last 3 years sailing to the Mediterranean and exploring those waters, and then, early this year, sailed back across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. We were hoping to have them along with us as we sailed the final stages to North Carolina. But, they made the decision shortly before we arrived to speed up their return home for business reasons.

We are really glad Wild Goose introduced us to Druif Bay, which is a nice cruiser hang-out off Water Island. There is a beautiful beach with a cordoned off swimming area, and enough beach left over for a couple dozen dinghies to park. The water is very clear. There is a newly built bar on that end, which also regularly has live music, or conducts karaoke or open mic nights. Food is pretty good as well, and another restaurant has great hamburgers during daytime hours. There’s even WIFI and an ATM at the bar. Below is a map showing Druif Bay and where we were anchored:

We also met a couple of other cruising boats with kids at Water Island. One called s/v Neptune II, is from Australia, and we enjoyed comparing notes on passages from there to here. We happened to go the night they were having karaoke, and Karen even got up and did a song with two other cruising women.

Meanwhile, s/v Salty Ginger and s/v Gromit showed up at Charlotte Amalie and started getting provisions, doing laundry, etc. in preparations for leaving for the Bahamas. Looking at the weather, we all decided we would be leaving on Mon/Tuesday (May 11/12). Over the weekend, we took the dinghy over to Crown Bay and got final provisions, dinghy fuel, and I got a new topping lift (to replace the one I cut to free Karen’s finger). We had fun on the weekend at Water Island, and Salty Ginger came over for a couple days to enjoy the more relaxed cruiser-like environment. But, they returned on Sunday to join the other kid boats. s/v Rhythm was expected to arrive over there on Monday after stopping in the BVIs for some boat work.

The hope is that we and the three Canadian boats (Salty Ginger, Rhythm and Gromit) will all rendezvous in various places in the Bahamas for some cruiser fun! Tahina left on Monday to get an advanced look at the places we had recommended to the other boats based on input from our friend Dave (formerly of s/v O’vive and s/v Melusine) who regularly cruises the Bahamas from his home in Florida.

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