Tahina Completes Expedition

Tahina at Joyner

Tahina at Joyner

Tahina at Joyner

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2 Responses to Tahina at Joyner

  1. Mike Krimser says:

    Congratulations !!! I have read your blog from 2009 when you sold your home to start this adventure through today when it all seems come to an end. I woke every morning looking forward to seeing if you blogged and what your next adventure was. I then had my morning coffee reading your experiences, what a great adventure, and what a great story it was.

    It will be interesting to see what is next. For me I would be interested to hear how this adventure changed your view of the world and what impacted you the most. For example its clear your experience with your eye and healthcare systems in Singapore had a profound impact on your view of healthcare systems worldwide. Additionally, when you started, one of your goals was to observe the impact of the human population on the oceans and coral reefs. As you reflect on this five year adventure I would be most interested to hear your views.

    I think you have all the ingredients of a great book, and reading your blog, you can clearly write.

    • Frank Taylor says:

      Thank you for following us for so long Mike and for your thoughts about things we should write about in reflection about our trip. We definitely plan to do some follow-ons about our experiences and thoughts about our trip. The possibility of a book, or at least some means of sharing our experiences, is definitely something we are considering.

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