Talk About Scary

frankdivingsharksWhat is scarier than spending five years leaving home and sailing around the world? Scarier even than diving with over 100 shark? I’ll tell you: coming home and suddenly realizing all the things that want to come out of the woodwork and grab their greedy paws on your wallet!

We’ve been back less than two weeks, and our only plans were to get somewhere to live a few months in our last home town so we can get ourselves situated and begin thinking about what’s next for our life. Of course, this means we need to get a car, or two, so we can get around. And then we start realizing there’s a huge number of other things we need.

moneymoneyCar insurance (tags, vehicle taxes, sales taxes, state inspection, etc.), health insurance, lodging insurance, utilities, phone services, Internet service, property taxes, new clothing (our tropical clothes will get us through the summer – but, Winter Is Coming!), our smart phones are old – time to upgrade, and the list goes on. We can be thankful we can avoid getting a residence phone (just use the cell phone), and we don’t need cable TV (just use the Internet). But, when will it end?!

I can just seeing the web of tentacles reaching out to sink their teeth into our every pore and try to suck the very life (money) out of us!

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3 Responses to Talk About Scary

  1. Nathan says:

    Interesting! From following you over the years I wondered what the cost comparison was like for cruising vs. domestic life. Many of the typical monthly costs are gone – TV, utilities, mortgage/rent, subscriptions, insurance etc), but then there’s fuel, duties, supplies, boat repair, etc. and only passive income.

    By the way, what did you do about health insurance while cruising?

  2. Cornelia says:

    We hear you Frank, we hear you. Our time is coming!

  3. B Panther says:

    A trip around the world with no income and still able to pay for things. That’s white privilege for you. I can barely afford a trip to pick up my measly pay check.

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