Land Lubber Progress

We have been preparing ourselves mentally for our transition back to land. So, we aren’t exactly kicking and screaming as we start this process. However, that’s not to say our start has been barrels of fun.

We spent almost two weeks in the Raleigh area before July 4th (big thanks to our friends Andy and Aliza who let us use their house again – this time while they were gone on vacation). Our time was occupied by a number of “settling in” activities.

The biggest was searching, looking at, and ultimately finding an apartment with a six month lease so we can have a temporary home to sort through all of our things and decide what we are going to do next with our life. The apartment move in date isn’t until mid-August, so we’ll still be spending a lot of our time on the boat. Our friends Patti and Gerard are also going to be gone on vacation during part of July, so we have another house we can stay at in the Raleigh area as well. Big Kudos to Karen who started the apartment hunting process weeks before we got back to the US.

We also looked at a number of cars and found and bought one that will be primarily Karen’s. She got a SUV crossover which will provide some outdoor utility and hauling capacity if we need it for moving things. For myself, I’m struggling to decide what car interests me. And there isn’t a rush to get another car yet.

Meanwhile, we have slowly started reconnecting with friends and family, but it will take many weeks or months before we reach out and manage to meet up with even most of them. Especially with the other projects we have to do. And, once we finish with our family and old friends, we have quite a few new sailing friends, who have also moved back on land, we would like to visit with in many corners of he world.

Lastly, during the last couple of weeks, we started looking at American health insurance, and our initial investigations were as horrifying as we feared (ridiculously expensive). But, friends have suggested that the online marketplace we were using is not the best way to find good pricing, so we hope contacting insurers will result in better results. We think part of our problem is that we’re just joining in half-way through the year, and the new policies aren’t really designed for that.

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  1. Steve says:

    Just wanted to let you know that we are on the opposite end…just getting ready for our own expedition, while you are returning from yours. We cast of the dock lines on October 1 and are starting wrapping up our land-lives.

    Thanks so much for all that you have shared on your blog. It has been and instructive and inspirational. Good luck and best wishes for your re-entry.

    We’ll have our own blog going soon…

    s/v Intermezzo

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