Apartment Move-in

Moving into apartment

Moving into apartment

Time flies as we continue to transition to living more on land. Karen went to Houston to visit one of her sisters for a couple of weeks. I spent part of the time she was gone doing some little projects on Tahina. Our B&G 4G radar unit stopped working on the very last passage of our circumnavigation. After diagnosing with the tech support, they recommended sending it back. So, I had to go up the mast (with help from folks at the marina) to get it down. We also had a problem with one of the electric winches and finally determined it was a safety thermal sensor that had gone bad.

I did get to spend a weekend going on a camping trip with my long-time friend Andy and his two grown-up kids. We were lucky and picked a relatively cool weekend.

As soon as Karen got back, she went for a scheduled doctor checkup and we left that same day to drive up to Pennsylvania for a family event. One of our nephews just finished a tour with the marines, and we were attending a welcome home party. After a delightful time seeing a lot of family, we had to drive straight back from there to Carolina Beach (about 11 hours). The next morning, we had an interview with the local paper for a forthcoming story in the paper about our circumnavigation. That was this Monday.

Shortly after the interview, we had to drive to Raleigh to begin the move in to our apartment. On Tuesday we took the stuff we had been accumulating at Andy’s house from the boat and bought some stuff at local stores to begin the initial move-in. We also went bed shopping and got a new No Bull Mattress scheduled for delivery on Thursday. Our daughter Trisha had arranged a day off from work on Wednesday, so we rented a U-Haul truck and she and I began the big trips to our storage units. We filled the entire truck with furniture, and many boxes. It was a long day though because we had to sort through and try to pick the stuff most needed, then we had to get everything to our second-story apartment.

Move-in day 3 we returned the truck first thing, and the mattress delivery happened shortly afterwards. The process of setting up furniture is available at this website and unpacking began in earnest. Plus we made a couple of trips to stores to buy necessary items we couldn’t find in storage. Another full day.

From here we will go through the dozens of boxes filled with stuff we saved from the house. Soon we will start back to the boat and remove the vast array of belongings we accumulated for the long-term living on board. I’m hoping we reduce the weight by a couple thousand pounds.

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  1. Bill Roesink says:

    Just finished the StarNews article. What a great ride. I followed you in the beginning but lost track before the Panama Canal transition. My concern about the entire trip was the Indian Ocean and the possibility of meeting up with our Somali pirate friends. Glad you altered course.
    Welcome home, Taylor’s, glad you’re back safe.

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