Tahina Expedition Selected as Top 20 Sailing Blog

Tahina Top 20 Sailing Blog

Tahina Top 20 Sailing Blog

Our blog has been selected by the UK’s Boats and Outboards news site as one of their top 20 Sailing Blogs in the world. They wrote a nice little summary about our blog and chose a nice photo of Karen and I. A high honor indeed! And we are keeping good company with our friends on s/v Totem who were also selected.

This is a nice tribute after just recently completing our epic journey beginning with the purchase of Tahina in August of 2008, and officially ending with the return of Tahina to our home base in North Carolina in June 2015. We have had hundreds of comments and E-mails from readers around the world, many of whom followed us from beginning to end. I especially am thankful to those who read it all the way through, because I know I can be a bit verbose at times. If you met me in person, you know I can be equally verbose when I start telling stories!

To those wondering about continuing plans for the blog, I do have several posts planned to provide post-trip thoughts and analysis. As part of this, I’m planning to provide a summary of the entire trip with links to the posts I think were most important/interesting. I also have a lot of work to do processing video from the trip that mostly did not get processed or shared to date. So, don’t delete us from your RSS feeder yet!

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2 Responses to Tahina Expedition Selected as Top 20 Sailing Blog

  1. Theresa R. Tayloe says:

    I have really enjoyed following all your posts as you and Karen sailed around the world, especially since I am not a water person but live very near the ocean. And also because you started your trip in my area. I love to travel just not on big water. Thanks so much for all the picture too, they added so much to my keeping up with you all.

  2. Paul Oriente says:

    Congratulations! It’s well earned and look forward to reading and seeing more about the trip.

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