Tahina Gets to Sail on Holiday

Girls on deck

Girls on deck

We had Labor Day weekend, the “end of summmer” holiday in the US. This was the last big weekend for beach goers and traffic should drop greatly in the coming weeks. A friend of our daughters is getting married soon, and she organized a bachelorette weekend at the beach. Our daughter Trisha asked if we could take the girls out on Tahina for a sail one day. We were lucky and this Saturday the weather cooperated and we were able to go.

We had to go north to the Masonborough Inlet (10 miles away), and there were hundreds of holiday boaters out anchored along the ICW and cruising up and down. I was at the helm constantly to keep an eye out for traffic. The NE winds brought crystal clear blue waters into shore so we had some beautiful conditions. We had some nice sailing past Wrightsville Beach. I think the girls enjoyed the experience.

Girls in the shade

Girls in the shade

It was great to get Tahina out on the water again and do some sailing! We spent the rest of the weekend cleaning up, and getting more stuff packed to take back to Raleigh. I also worked to re-install parts of the radar unit which was returned last week. Unfortunately, they didn’t find anything wrong, so we may have an issue with our wiring. It will be a big job if I have to remove the wire from the mast because two other wires will also have to be removed to make room for the connector to fit.

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2 Responses to Tahina Gets to Sail on Holiday

  1. Gary Carr says:

    Hello from Lumberton, NC! After 2 weeks, I just completed reading your blog from the very first post. I wanted to say thank you for detailing your travels so well. With the details you provided it felt like I was participating in the navigation, site seeing and tribulations experienced. Your blog gave me a sense of encouragement to take this trip myself. This same adventure is on my bucket list and I found your site while doing research on catamarans and circumnavigation.

    Great blog and thanks again!



    • Frank Taylor says:

      Thank you Gary, I consider it an honor when anyone says they read the entire blog. I can be quite verbose! And, you are most welcome!

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