Happy Holidays 2015

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all our cruising/sailing friends all over the world! Although we aren’t on our boat this year (Tahina is currently waiting patiently for us in the warm waters of the Bahamas), we are thinking of all the many friends we made in our journey around the world. May you all be blessed with a wonderful holiday season, and have a prosperous and happy new year in 2016!

Karen and I are currently visiting with family in San Francisco, but will be returning to our current land-home in Raleigh, North Carolina before the New Year. We have been slowly adapting to living back on land, but plan to escape for a couple of weeks to Tahina in January. One of my sisters and her husband will be joining us there.

I had meant to post back in November that my nephew Jason and I moved Tahina to the Bahamas (after the end of hurricane season). We had such a delightful time in the Bahamas on our last leg of the trip, that we decided it would be a good place to keep the boat during the winter.

Hope everyone who is still following the blog are doing well and enjoying life!

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  1. Hugh & Linda Moore says:

    Merry Christmas Frank and Karen! Hope to see you in Raleigh soon!

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