Map Showing Route To Raggeds Last Week

Below is a map showing where we went last week down to the Ragged Isles for some sailing, snorkeling and fishing. Google’s maps show pretty nice views of the islands and waters along the route. You can see where we sailed offshore for several hours to do the fishing. If you zoom way in on the Blue Hole icon you can actually see the blue hole in the satellite imagery. This map only shows where Tahina went, not where we went snorkeling, with the dinghy, or hiking on shore. I added some icons to show the key places.

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  1. Tony says:

    Hi Frank,

    This is a general question that you may or may not choose to answer. As someone who’s had small boats for many years the idea of doing what you’re doing appeals enormously. But reading your blog I get the feeling you never take your hand out of your pocket. What did the boat cost initially and what do you spend annually cruising? I just need some perspective…

    Many thanks,

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